Whether performing as a quartet or with the Danish Radio Big Band, irrepressible Scandinavian folk roots band Basco’s infectious energy, virtuosity and inventiveness have gained the hearts and minds of audiences from all over Europe. The first folk string band ever to be shortlisted for the prestigious Nordic Music Prize in 2014 for their latest studio album, “The Remarkable Return of Old Man Basco”, Basco has also been very respectably represented on the podium at the Danish Music Awards, with cittern player Ale Carr – Artist of the Year 2013 & Composer of the Year 2015, and Hal Parfitt-Murray – Vocalist of the Year 2012.

Basco’s music is varied, full of nuance and beauty, of temperament and drive, of grand sweeping landscapes, delicate, fractal detail, and of good, old fashioned, raw, foot-stomping power. In the fall of 2014 the band released two EP’s: A live album with the Danish Radio’s Big Band and a 3 track EP together with Danish/Norwegian singer Jullie Hjetland.
Anders Ringgaard Andersen – accordion, trombone
Ale Carr – cittern
Hal Parfitt-Murray – violin, viola, mandolin, lead vocals
Andreas Tophøj – violin, viola