Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band

Danish fiddler Harald Haugaard releases his new album ”Lys og Forfald” (Light and Decay) in March 2015, after which, together with Danish singer Helene Blum, he sets out on his 2015 tour of Europe, North America and Japan, accompanied as always by his amazing band.

”Lys og Forfald” is the concluding part of a trilogy, coming after the enthusiastically received albums ”Burning Fields” and ”Den Femte Søster” (The Fifth Sister); a trilogy which tells stories in music about people, places and events. Where the two earlier albums were forward-looking, uplifting, but sometimes also desperate, ”Lys og Forfald” is inspired by the beauty and the light found in endings, in solitude and autumn. The album has been four long years in the making, recorded in analogue and mixed in one of Scandinavia’s finest studios, the legendary Medley Studio in Copenhagen. The Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band forms the backbone of the album, which consists exclusively of newly-penned tunes by Harald Haugaard, all of which have been developed by him and the band on their many, many tours over the past four years.

Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard are among Denmark’s finest and most busy artists with more than 500 performances during the past six years, most of them abroad. Their band consist of bassist Tapani Varis, guitarist Rasmus Zeeberg and percussionist Sune Rahbek, and together they unite all aspects and dynamics of Blum and Haugaard’s repertoire. After they opened the Tønder Festival in August 2014 with a thrilling concert, the headline in the Danish daily newspaper
”Jyske Vestkysten” was simple ‘Musical Fireworks’.

Over the past 15 years Harald Haugaard has established himself as one of Denmark’s most highly regarded musicians. In his virtuoso fiddle playing he combines playful ease with a rich and melancholic sound. His compositions are contemporary, original and altogether deeply rooted in the rich Danish musical tradition. He is a 12-time winner of the Danish Music Award, and the music magazine Sing Out has said of his playing: “Haugaard is the master of sublime moments”.

Helene Blum has thrilled audiences throughout Europe, and from Canada to Japan, with her intensely expressive, crystal clear voice. Her artistic focus embraces both traditional roots and innovation. She is deeply rooted in Danish musical traditions, but at the same time not afraid to challenge them. Her songs tell captivating stories about love, life, hope, war, peace and destinies. Her latest album “Men med åbne øjne” (But With Open Eyes) (Jan. 2013) has won countless hearts and was chosen as one of the 10 best folk albums of the year by the British daily newspaper The Telegraph, which said in its review: “The album is an unexpected treat”.
Helene Blum: vocal, fiddle & guitar
Harald Haugaard: fiddle
Tapani Varis: double bass, flute
Rasmus Zeeberg: guitars
Sune Rahbek: percussion


Video: youtube.com/watch?v=gT4FzyHZsZw

Blum & Haugaard by Sigrid Nygaard