Kapela Maliszów

A family folk band from Męcina Mała in the Lower Beskids, set up by the multi-instrumentalist Jan Malisz and his children. The band is inspired by the traditional music of its region: dances and songs from the Gorlice county. The music is played in the traditional way, i.e. on the violin, basolia and drums in the archaic manner, characterised by freedom, gaiety and improvisation, rather than being an exact recreation of old tunes. The band also composes their own Polish-folk pieces based on their own unique style. What is interesting, the violin and big drum are a family heirloom inherited by Jan Malisz from his father Józef, who also taught his son how to play the many instruments kept in the family home. That is why the band refers to the music as “father’s tunes”. Beside playing music, the band members also make musical instruments. Violins, basolias, hurdy-gurdies, nyckelharpas, pipes and many others are crafted at Jan’s workshop.

In 2014 the band was awarded:
1st prize at “Mikołajki Folkowe” International Folk Music Festival;
2nd prize at “New Tradition” Festival and “Gold Fiddle” for Kacper Malisz;
3rd prize for Jan Malisz in the multi-instrumentalist category at Polish Highlander Folk Festival in Żywiec.

In 2013 the band was awarded:
1st prize and audience award – Old Tradition at Mazurkas of the World Festival in Warsaw;
1st prize at the Festival of Folk Singers and Bands in Kazimierz;
Main prize “Carpathian Folk Musician” at Carpathian Folk Festival in Trzcinica;
Kacper Malisz received a special prize for unique interpretation of own region’s music and performance technique at “Sabałowe Bajania” festival in Bukowina Tatrzańska.

The musicians have recently given concerts in Germany – WDR 3 Radio in Cologne, in Bonn (concert organised by the Polish Institute in Düsseldorf) and Offenburg. In addition, Kapela Maliszów performed at the Presidential Palace during the Special Concert devoted to Oskar Kolberg at Cross Culture and Festival and Ethnic Inspirations Festival in Warsaw; they also played music for dancing on numerous occasions in a variety of places, e.g. in Tyndyryndy Club in Kazimierz and many other events, fetes, weddings, dances etc.

Jan Malisz – violin, basolia, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, vocals
Zuzanna Malisz – vocals, basolia, drums
Kacper Malisz – violin, basolia, nyckelharpa

Website: www.kapelamaliszow.com
Video: youtube.com/watch?v=WTxtoPE9Tn8