Valkyrien Allstars

The Valkyrien Allstars is a Norwegian folk/rock-group. They play the national instrument the Hardanger Fiddle and are also singing – with the only girl in the group featuring as their leading vocal. The Valkyrien Allstars has existed since 2002, but they have been practicing as musicians since they were youngsters. Magnus Larsen (bass) and Martin Langlie (drums) – completes the Valkyrien Allstars Band.
The Valkyrien Allstars has been awarded the first GRAPPA price for newcomers and their first CD-recording was nominated to the Norwegian record award “Spellemannprisen” for 2007. “Folkelarm” awarded them “the Folk Music Artist of the year” in Norway. During the last years they have given concerts all over Norway and toured in Ireland, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, China, Montenegro, Bratislava, and tours in Japan.
The band has released yet 4 albums: Valkyrien Allstars (2007), To Måner (2009), Ingen Hverdag (2011) and in 2014 “Farvel Slekt Og Venner”.

Tuva Syvertsen – voice, hardanger fiddle, accordion
Erik Sollid – hardanger fiddle
Magnus Larsen – doublebass
Martin Langlie – drums

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