To get the Festival off to a good start and to conclude the dance and singing workshops, we invite you to two dances with live music. Both Dancing Parties are open for everyone – both for beginners and experienced dancers. Take a pair of comfortable shoes and a dancing partner. Come and have fun!

Free entry


Dancing party
13/07/2016 7 p.m.
The square in front Old Town Hall, 33/35 Korzenna Street, Gdańsk

Participants of the kick-off dancing party can get to know each other and discover the natural dance setting. The folk bands “Kapela Przewłockiego” and “Dobrzeliniacy” will play music for dancing, and Marta Domachowska will lead the dance steps and sequences.
The music played at the Dancing Party will include tunes from various regions of Poland, such as Mazovia, Northern Lesser Poland and the Suwałki, Vilnius and Łowicz Regions, as well as kujawiak, polka, oberek and march dances.


Dance Night
16/07/2016 6 p.m.
Cafe Szafa, Podmurze 2, Gdańsk

The dance and singing workshops will conclude with the Dance Night, where the workshop participants will have the opportunity to present the skills learnt during the classes. The ”Dobrzeliniacy” band will play music, and the Polish dances will be led by Marta Domachowska. The event will include a Scandinavian feature – dancers will be accompanied by an outstanding Danish violinist Harald Haugaard with his band. The song presentation will be hosted by Agata Harz.
Dancing Party and Dance Night partner – “Trójwiejska” Association

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