Burónka* (Poland)

The project originated from the Kurpiowska Green Forest’s local vocal traditions. The contemporary language of musical expression is intertwined with the deeply rooted approach to vocal narration. The original interpretations have been followed by songs from the repertoire of Bronisława Świder from the village of Bandysie as well as from archival recordings. During the Festival of Polish Radio “New Tradition” 2017 the band received a second  place prize “for the convey of the Kurpie’s songs vibe” and the Audience Award  “Burza Braw”.

*  Burónka is a indigenous polish word from Kurpie’s dialect. It means a linen or wool fabric that was used to carry children and as a bed cover in the past.

Olga Stopińska – vocal, inspiration contributor
Mateusz Wachowiak – three-row Polish squeezebox, accordion, sound arrangement
Mateusz Sieradzan – percussion instruments