Księżyc (Poland)

“Avant-folk”, “ethno-psychedelic minimal”, and even “post-Komeda-jazz” – there are just a few examples of how was described the stylistics of Księżyc (The Moon) – a music group founded in the early 90s of the last century and reactivated in 2014.

The band has its origins in the Poga Theater. The theatrical group operating in 1985-1988 at the Riviera-Remont club in Warsaw referred in their performing practices to Jerzy Grotowski’s “Theatre of Sources”.The subsequent concerts of Księżyc were also performed in the spirit of theatrical events. Thanks to these musical performances, quaintly fleeting shows, Księżyc – being the result of a specific transformation of the theatre group into a musical group – was noted in the history of Polish performance arts as a distinct phenomenon. The lyrics (mostly written by Remigiusz Hanaj) are a journey into the world of dark fairy tales, surrealistic visions and black humour.

After nearly two decades, in 2014, the group began to perform anew. Księżyc recorded its second album called Rabbit Eclipse(2015), which was very quickly noticed and well received by domestic and foreign critics, it reached the forefronts of the year’s record summaries in Poland and in the rankings in Great Britain.

Agata Harz (vocal, objects)
Katarzyna Smoluk-Moczydłowska (vocal, objects, keyboards)
Lechosław Polak (accordion, keyboards)
Remigiusz Mazur Hanaj (tapes, hurdy-gurdy, violin)
Robert Niziński (clarinet, keyboards, objects)