Maria Kalaniemi (Finland)

The artist is one of the forefront contemporary accordionists. In addition to her playing skills, she is a sensitive and intuitive composer, distinguished by her personality which is the driving force of all works, despite their diversity.

Maria Kalaniemi released a new album Svalan (Swallow) with harmonium artist Eero Grundström in April 2017. Kalaniemi has drawn her musical inspiration from the rich nature of Northern Karelia. However her repertoire also includes Finnish-Swedish ballads, songs about the sea, passionate tangos, frenzied minuets from Jepua and Maria’s own compositions. Her album Svalan stayed five months in top ten on the World Music Charts Europe and in July it was ranked number 1. The album is also nominee of the best ethno album by Finnish music award Emma.

Maria Kalaniemi – accordion, vocal
Eero Grundström – harmonium and harmonicas