The VOŁOSI’s debut in 2010 at the ‘New Tradition’ Festival brought them all the prizes awarded during the event. In 2011, they confirmed their success by winning the Grand Prix Svetozar Stracina for the best piece in the ‘world music’ category in Europe, in the contest organized by the European Broadcasting Union. In 2012, their first album entered the special World Charts Europe TOP20 selection. Since then, VOŁOSI have constantly been on tour. They are welcomed by audience’s spontaneous reactions all over the world, and gain positive critics’ reviews. Their concerts have been broadcasted by the Polish Radio Channel 2 and Channel 3, the BBC and the German WDR3.

The critics universally agree that VOŁOSI have managed to achieve a unique and original musical style. By crossing the limits of string instruments they create music that can be described as thoroughly modern and attractive for contemporary listener – growing out of the Carpathian roots, but with elements of jazz improvisation charged with rock energy and full swing of emotional content.

This phenomenon brings VOŁOSI praise among big rock festival audiences, as well as highly prestigious concert hall attenders, world music lovers and royal family members.

Krzysztof Lasoń – violin

Zbigniew Michałek – violin

Jan Kaczmarzyk –  violin

Stanisław Lasoń – cello

Robert Waszut – double bass