Paweł Grochocki

Singer and singing teacher, psychotanatologist, funeral singer, and music therapist specializing in male singing styles and religious folklore, including ritual and funeral songs. He learns directly from rural singers, conducts field research, and leads singing workshops across Poland. He is the student of the funeral singer Jan Wnuk from Zdziłowice and Genowefa Lenarcik from Słotwiny. Paweł is deeply involved in Poland’s traditional music revival movement and served as co-director of  the Borderlands Music Foundation (Fundacja “Muzyka Kresów”) for 5 years. Currently, he sings in Ewa Grochowska’s Singing Ensemble and leads two singing groups, the Farewell Committees of Lublin and Cracow (“Lubelski and Krakowski Komitet Pożegnalny”), that both focus on the rich repertoire of traditional Polish funeral songs. In 2015, as part of a scholarship awarded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, he carried out the project “I am going to the grave – Traditional Funeral Songs”. In 2016, he took the second place in the soloist category during the “Tournament of Real Musicians” (Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych) in Szczecin. In 2017, he won the Grand Prix of the 20th Polish Radio Festival “New Tradition” (“Nowa Tradycja”) as part of the duet Grochocki_Odorowicz.

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Performance during the “Nowa Tradycja” 2017, Grochocki_Odorowicz, Grand Prix