Sutari (Poland)

The group made their debut in 2012 at the Polish Radio’s „New Tradition” Folk Festival, where they won the jury’s second prize and the audience award. In the autumn of 2014 the group released its debut album entitled „BRIDE PRICE”. The group has performed in front of international audiences many times, including at Skrzyżowanie Kultur in Warsaw , in Muziekpublique in Brussels , at the Ethnoport festival in Poznan, at the OFF Festival in Katowice , at the Folk Alliance in Kansas City (USA) and more. Sutari is also one of the very few Polish and European groups to have recorded a musical session at cult American radio station KEXP.

In May 2017 Sutari released second album called „THISTLES”, which is a musical tale, suspended between the worlds of fairy tale and real life. The female artists once again reach for folk songs, to convey their worldview using sensitivity and imagination . The CD contains melodies from different and original compositions that refer to folk poetry.

Basia Songin – vocal, basolia, framedrum, zabumba, percussion, unconventional instruments (water, kitchen grater)
Kasia Kapela – vocal, violin, zabumba, percussion, unconventional instruments (kitchen board, knife, glass, bottles)
Zosia Zembrzuska – vocal, violin, zabumba, percussion, unconventional instruments (kitchen mixer, flat wrenches)