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➡️ St. John’s Centre, 50 Świętojańska Street, Gdańsk

19:00 BIELE (Poland)

Biele’s music comes from a place where country borders are blurred. Only here can you hear songs sung in a mazurating dialect, although these sounds are also known in Belarus. Similar words are sung by Lithuanians in the Dzūkijan dialect in a way that strikes a chord with us Poles. And it feels like our own, native song.

Biele is a music project started by Julita Charytoniuk, Ulka Murawko and Piotr Fiedorowicz – people from the Suwałki Region, who grew up in a land of green forests, remote marshes and riverside meadows. Places where mundane reality blends with the atmosphere of mystery and mysticism, and daily grind smoothly passes into leisure time. Biele is the music of the Suwałki Region. The old one, which we sometimes irrationally miss and the present one, in which we try to live rationally.

Julita Charytoniuk – vocals, frame drum, percussion instruments

Ulka Murawko – dulcimer, vocals, percussion instruments

Piotr Fiedorowicz – bagpipes, bass guitar, violin, vocals

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20:30 TĘGIE CHŁOPY (Poland)

The band continues the traditions of dance music of the Kielce region in its authentic and non-stylised form. Their repertoire and instruments are based on the best models – traditional bands that used to play at weddings and village dances around Łagów and Opatów, such as the bands of the Witkowski brothers of Orłowiny, the Krakowiaks from Zbelutka, Antoni Witkowski from Cisów and others.

The name of the band is a musical statement: Chłopy mostly play the traditional chłopy three-dimensional, melodious tunes typical of the eastern Kielce region. Tęgie Chłopy want to play at dances to “make the ceiling go up” – as it allegedly happened at parties where the famous Witkowski brothers’ band used to play. What certainly helps to lift the ceiling is the presence of a strong wind section – trumpet, clarinet and tuba.

The band has played at dance parties and festivals of traditional and contemporary music throughout Poland, as well as in Sweden, France, Germany, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, etc. In 2022, they played in Lisbon at WOMEX – the most famous world music fair.

So far, Tęgie Chłopy have released three albums: Dansing (2015, label: Muzyka Odnaleziona), Wesele! (2017, label: Wodzirej) and Rakieta! (2021, Echo Production). In the 2019 poll of the Radio Centre for Folk Culture, Dansing was voted the best Polish folk album in the Centre’s 25-year history. Meanwhile, Rakieta! won the 2021 Polish Radio competition for the Folk Record of the Year 2021.


Maniucha Bikont – tuba, vocals

Maciej Filipczuk – violin

Mateusz Kowalski – accordion, baraban drum, violin, vocals

Michał Maziarz – tenor horn

Dorota Murzynowska – baraban drum

Kazimierz Nitkiewicz

Aleksandrer Kwietniak

Marcin Żytomirski – violin | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp | Apple | Spotify