13/07/2024 (Saturday)


St. John’s Centre in Gdańsk, 50 Świętojańska Street

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The band, set up in 2022, consists of musicians who were brought together by their shared passion for rituals and ethnic music. The emphasis is on a common musical language. The musicians want music to read their emotions. The entire quintet sing the way folk bands used to perform, and the frontwoman combines vocals with dance on the stage.

Tryptyk Biłgorajski tells the story of longing, broken heart and purification. It is a kind of musical rite that provides release through opening oneself to difficult emotions, naming and allowing oneself to experience them. The original lyrics became the starting point for the compositions created by the band. These are not jazz arrangements of folk songs, but an attempt to recreate a country band while preserving the musical influences of each of the band members and their personal experiences, which they mix with the sounds in a musical rite potion. Magda, who comes from Biłgoraj, chose these songs from the area around her hometown.

Magda Kuraś – vocals, dance

Maciej Świninski – vocals, burza, tambourine

Ziemowit Klimek – double bass, vocals

Kuba Krzanowski – percussion, vocals



The group stands out as the only Scandinavian-French-Canadian big band playing in a cross-over and folk style in the Nordic countries. It comprises ten ambitious young musicians from diverse backgrounds: jazz, classical, rock, and folk. The band’s repertoire includes both old and new songs and melodies from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the province of Québec, and Cape Breton Island – from melancholic ballads to lively dance melodies: polska and reel. 

Traditional folk instruments, such as the fiddle, wooden flute, and accordion, are accompanied by the double bass, piano, and guitar, as well as a brass section with saxophones, trumpet, and trombone, creating a powerful, almost bombastic sound on the border between traditional folk music and big band. The twenty instruments played by ten musicians generate enormous amounts of positive energy, and wherever Spöket i Köket performs, they can count on an exceptionally enthusiastic reception.

The band started out in 2015 and their first record ”Den nya spisen” (The new stove), netted them a nomination for newcomer of the year at the Swedish folk- and world music gala of 2017. In 2019, the band’s second album, Chateau du garage, was released, which not only received good reviews and resulted in a long concert tour, but also received a nomination in the Best Album category at the 2019 Danish Music Awards. In 2022, their third album, Kurbits & Flames, was released, which entertains listeners and gets them dancing.

Line up:

Nisse Blomster – Guitars, mandolin, banjo, vocals, jaw harp, podorythmie

Mads Kjøller Henningsen – Flutes, hurdy-gurdy, jaw harp

Signe Kierkgaard Schmidt – Violin

Lies Hendrix – Melodeon

Emma Engström – Piano, organ

Erik Bengtsson – Bass

Albin Lagg – Trumpet, flugelhorn

Sebastian Petersson – Trombone

Henrik Büller – Baritone sax, alto sax

Erik Larsson – Tenor sax, clarinet

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