12/07/2024 (Friday)

5:00 – 6:30 PM “Nordic myths and stories about Vikings” – Caravan of Stories (meeting for adults).

Tent in the garden at St. John’s Centre in Gdańsk, 50 Świętojańska Street


The Great Void, Ymir, gods, Ragnarok. Discover the world of adventure, magic, gods, giants and people. We’ll explore the origins of the worlds, embark with Thor on one of his adventures, and sit for a moment by Odin’s side to look into the distance. Then we will delve into the world of the brave warriors of the North and join them on a voyage across the seas, seeking the power of love, death and eternal feast. The stories will be accompanied by live music. This combination will help you to immerse yourself in the story, feel and see it.

Caravan of Stories – a group of storytellers, improvisers and musicians headed by Szymon Góralczyk and Bart Pałyga (tagelharpa, frame drum, kanklės, Tibetan bowl, jaw harp).

Szymon Góralczyk – storyteller, searcher, traveller. Once a great passion, storytelling became his way of life. He travels with stories around Poland, but has also performed at festivals in Mexico, Cuba, Palestine, Czechia, Scotland and Finland. He tells stories to children as well as adults, because fairy tales can be useful, wise and fun for everyone. He particularly enjoys telling Slavic, Nordic and Mexican stories. He likes to talk barefoot, without a microphone, in contact with the audience.

Bart Pałyga – cellist, multi-instrumentalist, improviser. He specialises in playing a number of ethnic instruments from all over the world. He pioneered the use of throat and overtone singing techniques in folk and pop music in Poland. He won the Grand Prix and the Audience Award (with Karolina Cicha), as well as the prize for the best instrumentalist at the 2013 New Tradition Festival. A long-time associate of Maria Pomianowska and member of bands such as Yerba Mater, Masala, Village Kollektiv, Mosaik, Milo Ensemble and Laterna. He also explores areas of contemporary and experimental music in cooperation with  Kawalerowie Błotni, Etnofonie Kurpiowskie czy Partytury Fotograficzne formations.