14/07/2024 (Sunday)

19:00 TEHO 20:30 ØSTERLIDE

St. John’s Centre in Gdańsk, 50 Świętojańska Street

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Teho is a Finnish fiddle duo that breaks musical boundaries without forgetting their roots, deeply embedded in tradition. Both fiddlers grew up in the Central Ostrobothnia region, known as a vibrant center of folk music.

Their work seamlessly combines traditional Finnish fiddle music, folk dances—halling from Norway and polska from Sweden, bebop, swing, and contemporary folk music. Improvisation also plays an important role in the duo’s sound. Tero Hyväluoma and Esko Järvelä are not only leading names in Scandinavian folk music but also freelancers blending various musical genres. They have been playing together for years in different bands and projects, including one of the most renowned Finnish folk bands, Frigg. Teho’s debut album was nominated for the Finnish Grammy (Emma Awards) in 2018.

Line up:

Tero Hyväluoma – fiddle 

Esko Järvelä – fiddle 

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The band entered the Norwegian folk music scene in late 2020 and quickly gained international acclaim for their debut album. Their unique arrangements of traditional folk melodies offer new perspectives and showcase a wide range of moods and textures—from quiet whispers to aggressive noise.

Timeless folk melodies, shaped and refined over centuries, tirelessly guide the listener through open soundscapes or tight and claustrophobic musical spaces. On their second studio album Østerlide, titled Kilden, one can find both light and darkness.

As one reviewer wrote: “At the forefront is Ulvik’s warm, crystal-clear vocals, which tenderly and melodically express the traditional essence of these melodies. Surrounding them are the performances of Haddeland and Ibsen Thorsrud—subtle, spacious, and full of sonic nuances.”

Line up:

Liv Ulvik – vocals

Andreas Haddeland – guitars 

Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud – drums 

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