1:00 – 5:30 PM
Old Town Hall in Gdańsk, 33/35 Korzenna Street


During the meeting, participants will explore the four pillars of the storytelling: voice, gesture, sound and rhythm. The aim of the workshop is to tell stories together, and the participants will be guided through the world of heroes, symbols and metaphors and learn how to shape the story to make the hero’s journey lively and exciting. Can a story be sung? How to create the setting of your story so that the listener can see it in his or her mind’s eye? How to time events so that they flow like a stream without losing anything along the way? How to weave in symbols, metaphors and jokes so that they do not obscure the message we want to convey?

Basia Songin collects and sometimes also invents stories, which she then tells using different languages – words, music, image, movement. She sings, plays several instruments, dances, and sometimes creates theatre performances. Member of bands: Sutari, Mehehe and UMAI. She is a self-taught musician, and her path to singing led through meetings with master vocalists, including folk singers, to her own experiments and discoveries. She practised the art of movement by working with various artists and theatres, as well as studying choreography at the Academy of Music in Łódź, creating choreographies for performances, and simply dancing – for herself. Her medium consists of word, sound and movement, which she weaves into various braids.


Photo: Piotr Spigiel