3:30 – 5:30 PM Singing workshop led by Maniucha Bikont

Old Town Hall in Gdańsk, 33/35 Korzenna Street


Maniucha Bikont  – vocalist, musician, anthropologist, participant of field research in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. She sings traditional, modern and original music, and plays the tuba. She composes songs, theatre and film music. Graduate of the Institute of Polish Culture and Artes Liberales, she also studied at the Department of Ethnomusicology of the Academy of Music in Kiev under Professor Yevgena Yefremova. Three-time holder of scholarships awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, winner of the “Turniej Muzyki Prawdziwej” contest (2014), two-time winner of the New Tradition contest (2016, 2017), and nominee for the “Koryfeusz Muzyki Polskiej” award (2020, 2021). Vocalist of bands: Maniucha i Ksawery, Tęgie Chłopy, Niewte, Dziczka, Z lasu. She works with such artists and bands as Assaf Talmudi, Cezary Duchnowski, Radical Polish Ansambl, Bartek Weber, Kolektyw Aurora and Prusinowski Kompania. Her most personal record is Oj borom borom.


Photo: Agata Maziarz